Design Finland 100

Celebrating 100 years on Finnish Design thinking - building bridges between Finland and Asia through design

Design Finland 100 is an innovation platform bridging Finland and Southeast Asia through intelligent design solutions.

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About us

Design Finland 100, the world’s first Finnish design movement targeted at Southeast Asian markets, is an innovative project for Finnish companies looking for growth, new opportunities and networks in the market of 667 million consumers. The winners of the Nordic Business and Design Case Competition are coming to the Design Drives Business seminar to share their strategies how Finnish companies can expand their businesses into Southeast Asia. The Nordic Business and Design Case Competition plays a significant role in the project: it challenges Southeast Asian leading university students studying design, business and technology. Design Finland 100 celebrates the 100 years of Finnish independence and is an official partner of the Suomi Finland 100 independence program.

Titans of Branding

Titans of Branding reflects innovative strategic thinking in the field of global branding. It is a unique presentation of the views of nine renowned experts. Through interviews, the book brings together perspectives from global branding leaders. We have organized their perspectives into a new, integrated framework that keeps the customer at the center, linking brands to globalization and innovation. Titans of Branding will equip you with the academic and managerial strength to successfully face the future challenges of branding in our global economy.


Titans of Branding & Titans of Service

25€/book including postal fees

Titans of Service

Never have services played a larger role in business than they do today. Today’s business demands exceptional knowledge and understanding of how services help companies to grow and reach higher profits. New frameworks are needed that help companies achieve a competitive advantage. Through these frameworks business professionals can under- stand the meaning and importance of customer-centric business models. This idea in- spired us to conduct this research for Titans of Service.