The F.A.C.E. Research investigated prospective students all
considering the choice of Finnish universities. The name F.A.C.E.
stands for Finland as First Academic Choice for Enrollment.
Over 300 students were chosen for surveying all across Southeast
Asia in 25 different universities. In addition, 50 focus group
interviews were conducted for extensive evaluation of individual
universities. Both parts were completed during January 2018, by
the Design Finland 100 team.

These are some key questions:

● What makes a university stand out from another? Are Finnish
universities making their stories heard to Asian millennials?
● What is the brand promise of Finnish higher education? Do
the universities deliver on their promises?
● How is higher education in Finland positioned compared to
other Nordic countries?
● What are the defining strengths? What are the competitive
challenges Finnish universities are facing?
● What can be done in order to make Finnish higher education
a global brand?

Four R's
Key insights