Interview with Anette Vaini-Antila, Managing Director of FCG International

Today, Design Finland 100 is proud to have 5 minutes with Anette Vaini-Antila, Managing Director of FCG International Oy. In this interview, Anette shares with us FCG’s commitment to building a more sustainable world and her wishes for Finland 100. Enjoy!


Design Finland 100: How is FCG dedicated to building a more sustainable world?

Anette: FCG runs projects which overlap every single detail in the business.

Currently, there are not very many companies in the international development consulting / project business that can say that they fulfil all the United Nations sustainable development goals.

For example, 1,5 years ago our FCG team was at the UN week in New York. We presented one of FCG’s flagship project Rural Village Water Resources Management Project (RVWRMP) in Nepal. 2015 was a very special year with Obama and Putin, on top of the launch of new sustainability goals.

We participated in several sub-events. One was organized by AmCham in our embassy. There we among top Finnish companies presented our viewpoint.

And we came to one realization: When the others are streamlining / spicing up their business with sustainability flavor, for us sustainability is the business.

All of it.

On a sidenote, we are proud to say that the project RVWRMP was later ranked as #1 project in Finland in 2016. The competitors represented all kinds of industries and sizes as well as forms of business and government.

Design Finland 100: What is one great example of Finnish innovation that FCG has achieved?

Anette: There is no single big innovation, instead it is about generating small social and technical innovations together with the people in our projects every day.

“The People” includes financiers, beneficiaries, employees and other stakeholders.

Design Finland 100: What is the one interesting fact about FCG that most people do not know?

After we had reconstructed our country almost 70 years ago we started “going places”.

“Going places” is a direct reference to the slogan of Qatarairways: we go places together. We just decided to go there. Where? To different places all around the world.

And what came out? In a nutshell: Over 5,000 Megaprojects, in more than 150 Countries, over five decades.

So, now Finland is 100 and FCG’s international business is 50!

In the end there is the blue logo of our 50 years in the business. The blue dot / globe belongs to us in Finland.

Foreign subsidiaries have the trendy yellow or pure white (when it’s product related) and the development projects use our orange.

Design Finland 100: What is FCG’s one wish for Finland’s 100 years of independence?

Anette: Dear Finland, you are not a teenager but definitely not old – not even middle-aged – either.

It is still possible to shape tomorrow with the rest of the world.

But that does not happen by pointing out errors and faults, being stuck with the past or thinking too much of yourself.

Use imagination– as well as Sisu– and drill out the best of you!